The Pizza Lover Solution


What is

hEating ?

hEating is the only placemat in the world that heats and keep food warm during the meal.

It provides constant heat flow to your food.


The Pizza Lover Solution

No matter how fast you eat your pizza, you already know it will cool down quickly. 
Pizza Lovers have tried everything to fix this problem but with no successful results... till now. 

Heating our dishes before serving does not fix the problem, the temperature of our pizza will keep dropping down. We tried to keep some pizza slices in the oven while we eat the other ones,  but these are inconvenient and ineffective ideas. The only functional solution would be to get a source of heat that acts for the entire duration of our meal. 

The only solution is hEating


Design & Double use

hEating placemat consists of a conductive side and an insulating side. The conductive surface is covered by elegant bamboo stems in black color. The heat is distrbuited only in the area where food is placed.

The other side is made of an insulating material. In this way the heat will be forced to focus towards the food and not towards the table.

hEating is also suitable for use on delicate tables.

The bamboo side of hEating is perfect also when you don't need to keep food warm. Just don't power the hEating placemat through the power unit so you can use it as a traditional breakfast placemat or for your Sushi dishes!


Metal dish included

hEating placemat reaches the temperature setted by the user quickly. However, to increase the heat transmitted to the food, the kit also includes a fine stainless steel AISI 304 dish made just for food use. The metal eases the transmission of heat thanks to its properties.


Not Only for Pizza

It's true, the idea basically came up because we are incurable and greedy Pizza Lovers, but hEating is suitable for all food!


Finally, you can taste your dishes 100% with no rush, from the first to the last bite!

How to use it

hEating is equipped with an electric resistance adjustable with four temperature steps. You will set the desired temperature level directly on the power unit.

LV 1


50 °C – 122 °F

LV 2


60 °C – 140 °F

LV 3


70 °C – 158 °F

LV 4


80 °C – 176 °F


High performance
Power Unit included

hEating kit includes a powerful power unit (15,000 mAh) capable of keeping food hot for more than two hours at maximum power!

In this way you will no longer have to gorge yourself to enjoy your pizza! Each slice will always be as tasty and hot as the first one.


The power unit has two outputs with different preset power values. The "DC (11V)" output is dedicated only to the hEating placemat, while the "USB (5V)" output can be used to charge your USB devices wherever you are! You can use the special hEating power unit as a normal high-capacity powerbank.

(4 full smartphone charges with one powerbank charge).
(DC – USB type C cable and USB – USB type C cable INCLUDED)

Portable, wherewer you are

hEating is perfect also to be taken to school or work to warm up your food during your lunch break


Safe and washable

Don't worry!

If you happen to spill your drink on hEating placemat it won't be dangerous, just disconnect the power unit, wait for it to dry and use it again!


You can always wash it when it's dirty!

Kit in details 

Here's what will come to your home! obviously for the "M" and "XL" kits the dimensions of the box will change.

The box is pizza eco-carton style ;)

Story from the Creators

For us Pizza Lovers, pizza is one of the reasons why life is worth living, and ... no, we're not kidding
How many times have we got to order pizza and rush out to be able to enjoy just a few slices before it cooled down or got that weird chewy texture?

We have always asked ourselves: How is possible, in 2021 there is still no effective method to keep pizza warm while we eat it?

We had a dream a few years ago, to find the solution to eat pizza with no rush, enjoying it from the first to the last slice ... We finally succeeded!

We tried a lot to get to the perfect product, as we wanted a highly efficient and high quality one.
We have worked hard for months to make a Power Unit with the right parameters to reach a high temperature but without creating any danger for the user and with a great lifetime.

In the end, the tests proved us right.

We have taken care of the product down to the smallest detail, from engineering to packaging.
Now, with your help we will be able to start mass production and ship hEating to your homes very quickly.


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